Overcoming the Old Borders. Beyond the Paradigm of Slovak National History


Hudek, Adam et al.

ISBN: 978-80-89396-26-9

Vydavateľstvo: Historický ústav SAV v Prodama s r.o.
Rok vydania: 2013
Počet strán: 214
Dostupnosť: Na sklade

Katalógové číslo: 2013-002 Kategória: Značka:


At the beginning of the 21 st century a visible shift occurred in the Slovak historiography, both thematic and methodological, away from the political history and the nation-centred paradigm of history. The professional development of historiography is more and more inßluenced by the new generation of historians. In their research they are going beyond what they consider as established stereotypes in research, terminology and historical interpretations. The main goal of this collective monograph is to provide an example of proßile texts of the historians who conduct their reserach at the Institute of History of Slovak Academy of Sciences. The thematic, chronological and territorial scope of this book is in no way exhaustive. Rather, it is just an example of the topics of historical research addressed currently in the key historical research institution in Slovakia. Twelve chapters of this book cover the period of the 19 th and the 20 th centuries and are devoted to the area of Central Europe with emphasis on the territory of Slovakia.