Slovakia. A European Story


Londák, Miroslav – Michálek, Slavomír – Weiss, Peter et al.

ISBN: 978-80-224-1522-4

Vydavateľstvo: VEDA, Historický ústav SAV
Rok vydania: 2016
Počet strán: 352
Väzba: Tvrdá
Formát: 170x240mm
Hmotnosť: 940 g
Dostupnosť: Na sklade

Katalógové číslo: 2016-003 Kategória: Značka:


This book, unique of its kind, informs the reader about the history and development of Slovakia and the Slovaks. The chapters focus on Slovakia’s political history as a nation living under Hungarian rule; the formation of a common democratic state with the Czechs since 1918; the subsequent fall of that state, destroyed by successive dictatorships imposed from abroad, and its eventual restoration. Although the reader learns about political, economic and social developments under the Communist regime, the book focuses on the years following the Velvet Revolution of 1989 and the Velvet Divorce of 1993: the new role of the churches, the new orientation of foreign policy towards the West, and the transformation of the centrally planned economy into a market economy. In 1993, Slovakia became a sovereign state; in 2004, the Slovaks’ successful accomplishment of the difficult transition of economy, politics and society was rewarded with EU membership. This book is rich in detail and sources available to the Western reader for the first time. It is recommended to everybody interested in the history of the Slovaks in Europe and the European Union.